Daryl Byrne

Euronext Dublin | CEO & Head of Debt & Fund Listings

Daryl Byrne is CEO of Euronext Dublin, Head of Debt and Funds Listings and ETFs, and a member of the Euronext NV Managing Board. Daryl Byrne joined Euronext Dublin (formerly the Irish Stock Exchange plc) in 2000 and held a number of senior management roles. From 2011 to 2018, Daryl was Head of Regulation, leading a team of 30, with responsibility for regulation and operations relating to the listing of financial instruments on Euronext Dublin’s markets, across multiple asset classes including equity, debt and funds. He was responsible for Euronext Dublin’s regulatory engagement with issuers and market participants, as well as domestic and EU regulatory authorities. Daryl was instrumental in the development of Euronext Dublin’s global markets for securities. Previously he held positions as Head of Strategy Planning and Brand, and Head of Corporate Listing and Policy. He currently participates on the ESMA Corporate Finance Standing Committee Consultative Working Group and the European Corporate Governance Network, and is a former member of the Irish REITs Forum and the Company Law Review Group.

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