W. Edward Steinmueller

University of Sussex Business School | Professor of Information and Communication Technology Policy

Steinmueller received his Ph.D. in economics from Stanford University. His principal works include industrial economics studies of software, integrated circuit and telecommunication industries. His current areas of research include the role of digital technologies in fundamental social and economic transformations such as the 4th industrial revolution, the reshaping of science and technology policy to address social needs and grand challenges, and the relationships among social, organisational, and technological factors in the production and adoption of new Internet-related technologies including their social and economic impact. He is internationally known for his work on the information and communication technology industries and is a policy consultant in areas of industrial policy and high technology competition such as intellectual property rights, competition policy and standardisation.

My Sessions

3 Known Unknowns, Structural drivers of change in the next decade: Rethinking Asset Allocation – Deep trends

The Banking Hall

For over 200 years modern societies have been following path based on intensive use of fossil fuel energy fuelling mass production and consumption. What are the prospects and processes needed for a deep transition towards an environmentally and socially sustainable future?’